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About Dress Up Log

About us

Dress up your favorite anime manga characters from different Japanese cartoons, manga art books and video games.

Sweet Anime Girl Makeover Game
A sweet and simple anime make over game! Super cute!

Uniform Street
Dress her up to create a street wise school uniform looks!

Full Moon wo Sagashite
Mitsuki's getting ready for her next big concert! Anime style costumes and a microphone for the talented singer to sing in!

Shoujo Manga Avatar Creator Summer Time
Customize and dress up a girl on a warm and sunny summer day!

Anime Maid BFF Restaurant Dress Up
These two friends proudly serve their customers fabulous looking!

Sylveon Dress Up
Have fun playing with this colored cutie from the world of Pokemon!

Spring Spark Dress Up
It's a lovely spring day! Choose outfit and style for this little anime chibi!

Rozen Teen Samurai
Dress up teen samurai Rozen! She will learn the art of the sword and fight off any evildoer!

Cutesy Makeover
Some girls like wearing Lolita style clothes, accessories and hairstyles!

Pokemon Dress Up
Dress up 3 beautiful girls May, Misty, Dawn! In this game you can dress them up in traditional clothes or mix and match to create a new favorite charater!

Anime Avatar Creator Makeover
Anime style avatar creator! Lots of facial expression,hair style,costume and extra features!

Soujo Manga Valentine Couple
Dress up the happy manga style couple for a Valentine date!

Gamer Girl
Create a heroine for a video game in this cool fantasy dress-up game!

Angel Avatar
This is a true anime style angel! Customize and dress up the angel with lovely clothes and colors!

Miku Hatsune Vocaloid
Miku Hatsune is a famous Japanese singer from the Vocaloid singing software! Design a new look for here choosing the most impressive costumes!

Thursday Dress Up
Dress her up for a busy Thursday! Create a casual look for the most important day of the work week!

Style the school girl up in latest manga fashion trends for her Monday school!

Katy's Style Anime
She has a unique style and these costumes also works at costume party and Halloween game!

Miku Hatsune Vocaloid
Design a look for this a famous Japanese singer! Miku Hatsune is he blue haired girl from the Vocaloid singing software! Here blue pigtails are great but maybe you help her to select something different?

Pretty Charming Bride
Dress up this anime style bride in a fantasy world full of snow! Design the wedding dresses to make here wedding perfect!

Nami dress up v.2
This is a huge version of Nami from One piece!

Haruhi Dress Up
Dress up awsome Haruhi Suzumiya! Lotss of clothes,extras and hairstyles!

Makeover Designer 2 - Family
Dress up mom, dad and baby and design clothes for them! It's fun !!

Mother & Baby Stroll
Dress up the fashionable mother and daughter as they're taking a stroll in the park!

Geek Girl Dress Up
Great fashion and geek style dress-up game where you can combine the endless colors of the clothes, accessories and hairstyles!

Build-a-Pikachu Workshop
Is he the cutest Pokémon of them all? He will be after you dress him up!

A really good face maker, lots of features and a color picker!

Make a Manga Cover
Got an idea for a good manga? Start by doing your own cover with a boy and girl on the cover. Great idea!

Super-mega Naruto Dress up
Big girls of Naruto dress-up game with lots of accessories!

Anime Avatar Creator
Create your own cool and unique looking avatar.So many apparels, hairstyles and different facial expressions to suit your personality.

Hatsune Miku Dress up
Dress the green haired beauty from Hatsune Miku, nice clothes and art.

Ojou Sama Dress Up
She definitely looks royal! We all adore dressing like little princesses!

Vocaloid Dress Up Game v. 2
Lots of Vocaloid characters and lots of extras! So cute !

K-On! Dress Up Game
The characters are very cute and have lots of different outfits!

Pokemon Playground and storyboards
Create your own pokemon storyboards. Referenced from the pokedex, these pokemon are sure to please.

Pokemon Girls Dress Up
This is so awesome! Many Pokemon Girls to dress up!

Macy DressUp
There are over 20 props for you to mix-and-match! Cute wardrobe and nice background for you to choose.

KawaiiPandah's Dress Up Game
Anime dress with nice style of clothing, I love the hair and eye and face options!

Dress up Kamichama Karin!
Dress Up Kamichama Karin, bright colors and huge variety of clothes!

A Hetalia Dress Up game!
A Hetalia Dress Up characters, choose different countries and faces!

Pokemon Dress Up Games
Lots of dress up games with Espeon,Umbreon, Vinceen and many other cute Pokemons!

Flash - Jewels Dress up
Make your own anime here, fun and lots of cute clothes!

A Vocaloid Dress Up game!
Lovely characters and they are so cute. Lots of accessories

Ultra-anime dress up game
Huge collection of clothes ,I love this game! Maby you should use Ctrl button and scroll to see it all

Magical Girl Bonnie
Magnificent manga fashion game in which you'll dress a beautiful warrior with a "Sailor Senshi" style.

Ragnarok Doll Maker
A dollmaker with 5 characters of the Ragnarok online series.

Pokemon Trainer Creator
Here you can create Pokémon Trainer. It looks little bit overwhelming, but you can try out many things here!!

Gorgeous Sailor Moon dress up game
Very detailed Sailor Moon dress-up game! You can customize lot of things here.

Piyoko dress-up game
Perky Piyoko from the Di Gi Charat anime and manga!

Nami from One Piece
Choose from 15 characters, some of them have different hairstyles to choose from.

Death Note Dress-up
DeathNote anime outfits. Dress up L and Light with lot of accessories include hand cuffs , iPod and a notebook!

Naruto Couples Dress Up
Its funny when you put Naruto and Naruko together! Many clothes and many characters!

Dressup - Female v.2
Awsome game!!! so many clothes and this one will keep you busy ! . Click and drag the background to navigate thru.

KawaiiPandah - Dress Up Game
This dress up game is cute, with a mix of anime style clothes and other regulars ones!

Anime Face Maker
This is an Anime face maker! Make your own face, or your characters, or whatever you feel like!

Create A Character - Female
Creator your anime girl here ! The possibilities are almost endless! !

Naruto Girls Dress up
I really like this there is so many hair styles and cool outfits.

Kunoichi Dress Up
Dress Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari and many other girls from Naruto kunoichi!

DRESS ME - Naruto Dress Up
Dress girls from NARUTO - Hinata, Temari and Sakura. So CUTE!

Hinata's Dress up V2
Dress up lovely Hinata! Very cute game. I really like the outfits!

Aria Dress Up
I love ARIA It's one of my favorite mangas!

Naruto - The Doll Palace Dress Up Games
Create and dress up Naruto Dolls in many different outfits, change their style, hair and accessories!

Sailor Moon - The Doll Palace
Create your own Sailor Moon characters!

Naruto Character Creator
Create a Naruto character, lots of features and clothes you can color!

Anime Doll Maker
Dress up a magical girl doll in many different outfits, change their style, hair, accessories and show them to your friends.

Interactive Pokemon Centre
Very cut Pokemon play set. The roof opens up if you press the pink button at the bottom.

Doll School Girl game
Girl in a typical school uniform. The color options and the layout is really nice!

Pokemon Trainer Dress-Up
Create a female or male Pokemon trainer by choosing skin colours and some hairstyles!

Fire Emblem Dress Up - FRUITS
The cast of Fire Emblem Gameboy in a dress up game featuring the japanese street fashion called "Fruits"!

Anime Doll maker
Simply dollmaker inspired by Lola's dolls

Create Your Own Rozen Maiden
For everybody who's ever wanted to make there own Rozen Maiden doll!

Inoue Orihime dress up
This is dress-up game of Inoue Orihime from Bleach. Cute!

Naruto Girls Dress-up
Simple dress-up game with the girls from Naruto!

Dress up Naruto Sakura from the anime Naruto! Dress her up to go to the school, beach,and more!

Anime Costume Party
Super Cute Animation! Create your own Anime Character and select animated accessories!!

Manga Winry Dress-up Game
Dress Up Winry. This game is to funny! Try to click on the mirror to see what happens!

Not So Lame Dressup Game
This is nice dress up game and with funny anime style!

Naruto Characters Maker
Create your Naruto characters, send an ecard and save your avatars !

Pokemon - Fan Dress Up Game
A fan game for the girls of Pokemon! This fan-tribute game is created for Pokemon fans! Enjoy !

This is nice face maker, includes color picker and many features!

Haruhi Dress Up Game
VERY Nice Dress Up Haruhi . This could entertain you for quite a while! Lovely hair styles!

Nami Dress up
This is Nami from One Piece manga. Dress Nami with huge collection of clothes.

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